Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sunflower ひまわり

光と影  Light and shade

岡山県美作市山間部の小さな郵便局。 その隣にひまわり畑がありまして、いつも気になってたのですが、この日に通った時は夕方5時過ぎ。
There is a small post office in Mountain area, Mimasaka city Okayama Prefecture Japan.
There is a sunflower field beside it. I usually was seeing this.
I was passing by in 5:00 on this day.

Half of the field is the sun.  The other half shade.

日を浴びて光り輝いている ヒマワリ に焦点を合わせて撮りました。
I took a sunflower that is shining.